Fall 2016 – Queens College
Introductory Biometrics B230. This course introduces students to statistics. The course conveys statistics as a tool for biologists to analyse data, and thus it is focused on solving biological problems. The course includes lectures, solving problems in class by groups, assignments and lab. By the end of the course students should be able to describe populations by means of statistical metrics, understand probability concepts and test hypothesis by means of basic statistical analyses. The recommended text book is: Whithlock and Schluter (2009) The analysis of biological data. Roberts and Company, Greenwood Village CO. Syllabus

Spring 2017 – Graduate Center
Introduction to R for biologists EEB7908. R has become the standard for statistical computing and quantitative analysis of data. This course will introduce graduate students to R in an interactive, hands-on format. We will focus on topics that will be common to the needs of all scientists in life sciences such as structuring, summarizing, manipulating, and plotting data. Later portions of the course will devote time to more individual-specific needs of real data sets, as requested by the students. Class sessions will be exercise-driven. Students will be encouraged to work with their own data. Expected learning outcomes: 1) a basic command of the R language, 2) basic statistics in R, 3) start using R in your research. Syllabus


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