Welcome to Anadón Lab

Welcome to the Anadón Lab!

Research at Anadón Lab, at the Department of Biology, Queens College CUNY, focuses on understanding the effects of global change on ecosystems, particularly at the population and community levels. Climate change, habitat alteration and biological invasions are particularly relevant in our research program. We use mainly modeling, in a broad sense, to address these issues. At present, three intertwined topics constitute the core of our research:

  • Climate change and species and communities’ distributions.
  • Niche constraints and spread of biological invasions.
  • Landscape change and the functioning of populations.


A note for prospective students:

I welcome students at any level (undergraduate, master, doctoral) with research interests broadly aligned with those of the Lab. Students can develop their research based on existing Lab projects but also can develop their own ideas and research lines. A combination of both types of research is ideal and I encourage it to my students.


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